Photos - memory - loss


Looking back over all the work I have done, over the last fifteen years, it is the relationship between photography and memory that has preoccupied me. “Make the most of your memories” extols the text on the folder in which the bulk processors, Fotorama, return my prints and negatives. But as I begin to examine my collection of personal photographs in light of Fotorama’s slogan, I am immediately struck by how photography and memory relate in a poignant and perverse way, through a sense of loss, predicated upon the unconscious wish to somehow arrest the passage of time by holding it in fragments of a second. How much are the images from the past that I visualize in my mind’s eye constructed and mediated through the few photographs that have survived in my family album? How else might I aim to re-connect with my memories? Can I speak to a collective memory through photographs that express my location in history and culture?